The Man Who Went to Arisaig

Great new historical resource being planned. The initial meeting gathered a number of interested parties and laid out the initial timetable.

The Man Who Went to Cape Breton

Where it all began and ...

... for many ended

Lunch at the Rankin's Place

On the Cabot Trail there was a Moose loose

Stories, songs and music from the tradition brought to Cape Breton by 19th century Scots are recorded, preserved and re-created at the Highland Village Museum in Iona.

An afternoon Ceilidh

The Man Who Went to Moray Book Festival

Thanks to all the organisers and the audiences at Moray Book Festival

P6 convicted Patrick Sellar and the afternoon audience help stimulate a good discussion

The Man Who Went to Tain

Thanks to everyone at Tain Through Time for a great day.
The young people decided that Patrick Sellar was guilty and the evening audience seemed to come down on the side of 'not proven'
If you have'nt visited Tain Through Time - do it!

The Man Who Went to Farr: The Events

Rotary Club of Polmont

Many thanks to a welcoming and interested audience

The Man Who Went to Farr: The Debate

The programme starts to take shape:

The Man Who Went to Farr: The Debate

Groups and organisations are invited to join the forthcoming series of talks

The Man Who Went to Tain

Tain Through Time is home to an extensive and varied collection of objects, photographs and archives of local, regional and national significance. Access to some of this material is available through their website. The Pilgrimage Visitor Centre uses two colourful galleries of sight and sound to tell the story of medieval pilgrimages to Tain. 

In September 2011, Tain Thorugh Time will be hosting talks based on the 'Man Who Went to Farr', and designed to explore some of the rights and wrongs of the Clearances. 

LIFE at Manor Park

Many thanks to the children (and staff) at Manor Park School

Strathspey Sales Team

The Man Who Went to Farr is this week off to Badenoch and Strathspey
Special thanks to:
Bookmark - Grantown-on-Spey

Shetland Folk Festival

Baseline Research is off to the Northern Isles to sample and meet with the best in folk music from across the globe.
Shetland Folk Festival is now in its 31st year.

From Wah-wah pedals for fiddles to Washboards this was a musical delight


Centred on Pentland Lodge House, Thurso, an exciting anniversary tour of the North Coast gets under way on Friday 15th April
Check out the blog for more info and photos

Castletown Heritage Society

The Annual General Meeting of the Castletown Heritage Society will be held in the Castlehill Heritage Centre on Wednesday, 27 April at 7.30pm.
The guest speaker will be Ian Leith, author of "The Man Who Went to Farr", the story of Patrick Sellar, the factor who stood accused of culpabable homicide for his part in the Strathnaver Clearances.
Mr Leith, whose family belongs to this corner of Caithness, returns to the topic of the Clearances for his talk "Remove or Improve - the Sellar and Traill approaches.

Once the formalities of the evening were over we were treated to a fascinating illustrated talk by guest speaker Ian Leith, author of "The Man who went to Farr", the story of Patrick Sellar, the factor who stood accused of culpable homicide for his part in the Strathnaver Clearances.
During his presentation "Remove or Improve - the Sellar and Traill approaches", Mr. Leith compared and contrasted the approach and achievements of the notorious Patrick Sellar with that of his contemporary James Traill who is held in a far more positive light, both of whom played their part in delivering improvements during the late 18th and early 19th century.
The thought provoking presentation sparked lively debate with members of the audience adding some fascinating additional insight. The excellent evening drew to a close with the traditional serving of tea and biscuits, and much continued discussion!

The Man Who Went to Farr

The story has been told and retold many times and depending on the perspective the views are often diverse. ‘The Man Who Went to Farr’ offers readers and all those interested in the ongoing debate around Patrick Sellar and the Strathnaver Removals, in particular, but also the wider Clearances, an opportunity to:
• Access key documentary materials
• Contribute to the ongoing conversations and dialogue

The book simply sets out a baseline position by collating as much public domain information as possible. From this it is hoped to extend the dialogue through the inclusion of further details and by listening to and learning from the opinions and knowledge of the many academic and ‘local’ experts.

Over the coming months, Baseline Research will host a number of Conversations and Dialogues throughout the North Highlands, to which everyone is welcome to contribute. The itinerary for these sessions are currently being finalised and if any local group or association would like to host an event, please get in touch